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Guidance Notes

These notes are designed to help you interpret the information provided in the UCAS decision lists. Below is a summary of the information that appears after you have accessed a particular UCAS Personal ID number.


Institution UCAS Personal ID Course Course Name Offer Decision
STRAN 0123456789 LL34 BSc/HLSt CF Decision Pending
Column 1:  Name of Institution
Column 2: UCAS Personal ID

This is your UCAS Personal ID Number. This is a ten digit number contained on all your correspondence from UCAS. Please double check your number to ensure that you access the correct information.

Column 3 & 4: Course & Course Name

This gives the UCAS code and description for the course to which you have applied, or for which you have been accepted. If you have held offers for more than one course at Stranmillis University College then both courses will be listed.

Column 5: Offer

This indicates the June Position of your application and may be Unconditional Firm (UF), Unconditional Insurance (UI), Conditional Firm (CF) or Conditional Insurance (CI).

Column 6: Decision

This shows the current status of your application. There are 7 possible values for this column:

  1. Accepted for CF:
    This means that you have been accepted to this application choice.
  2. Accepted for CI:
    This means that you have been accepted to your Insurance Offer at Stranmillis.  If you are holding a CF at Stranmillis, or elsewhere, your decision for this course may still be pending.  If your CF choice accepts you in due course you will be committed to that choice and your insurance choice will lapse. 
  3. Accepted:
    Applicant accepted for course but confirmation of acceptance has not been received.
  4. Placed:
    This means that our offer of a place has been accepted by you and you have been placed at Stranmillis.
  5. Decision Pending:
    No decision has yet been made or the application has been rejected for the original course but is being held for a possible changed course offer.
  6. Placed Elsewhere:
    This means that your application has been accepted by another institution you applied to and you are committed to that institution.
  7. Unsuccessful:
    This means that it has not been possible to accept your application for a place at Stranmillis University College for this choice.


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